Re: F40 Change Proposal: KDE Plasma 6 (System Wide)

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On 9/14/23 10:13, Adam Williamson wrote:
There is and which is marked as a dupe
of it. Later comments on 427060 indicate some folks still have issues
with this.

My personal bugbear that I'd really like fixed is:

I created a VirtualBox KDE instance using:
Fedora-Everything-netinst-x86_64-39_Beta-1.1.iso.  System was updated
with updates-testing enabled.

There are problems even before you login.  The mouse pointer works in
reverse in the greeter, vertical bar over the background, then an arrow
pointer when you hover over the password entry area.

After logging into a Wayland session the mouse weirdness continues with
random (it seems) pointers... sometimes an arrow pointer and sometimes a
vertical bar to select text, but not coinciding with where the cursor
is.  With text in KWrite, and the cursor being an arrow when it should
be a vertical bar, there is a big offset, so you end up selecting the
text on the line below the line you want.

After logging out it was a chore trying to select X11 because the offset
was present in the greeter (I don't believe I have experienced that
before) and you were trying to go lower than the screen to try and
select X11 from the drop-down.

Once in the X11 session everything just works like it should.

Logging out of X11 and back to the greeter things go weird again.

I didn't think the greeter used Wayland?  So there may be something else
going on.  I cannot swear to it, but I don't think I've noticed problems
in the greeter before.

As Adam posted, the offset problem already has a bug for it.  Wayland is
certainly unusable in VirtualBox, but now even the greeter has issues,
and I think that's newish.

Ian Laurie
FAS: nixuser | IRC: nixuser
TZ: Australia/Sydney
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