Re: The new Change discussion process is painful

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Hello team,

I don't want to enter a terrain where I don't belong, but I want to express my opinion. Since I understand that you don't want to and don't like the discourse interface, please take into account community participation in discussions. And my example is going to be the controversial "Privacy-preserving Telemetry for Fedora Workstation", on ML, we have 99 comments, but in discourse we are over 500. Maybe it's bad on my part to assume that you want to actual listen to community feedback and not only to devs and packager feedback. The process is experimental and needs to be adjusted, yes; e.g: I propose to don't split discussion in different topics.

I hope you don't drop the discourse, and if you do I will try to keep the pace a put the proposals into discourse to make them more visible to the community (adding that the discussion is happening in the ML).

Best regards,
Eduard Lucena
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