Re: KDE and GNOME Join Hands To Add Payments To Turn Flathub Into a Store for the Linux Desktop

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> Ryan Bach via devel wrote:
> First of all, as has been pointed out by others, the headline is misleading, 
> since KDE and GNOME are not actually parties to the proposal and since the 
> proposal was not even accepted.
> Secondly, IMHO, allowing fee-charging downloads is an anti-feature of an 
> application repository that I specifically do not want. One of the nicest 
> features of GNU/Linux is that I can just open the package manager and 
> download whatever I want without having to pay anything.
> And finally, Red Hat trying to monetize the Desktop would be the worst 
> nightmare. I do not want my desktop GNU/Linux to be "monetized" by anyone, 
> neither by Red Hat nor by any other company.
>         Kevin Kofler
What is so wrong about buying open source software?
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