Re: process to unretire/re-review package where some branches still exist?

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28.08.2023, 20:08, "Fabio Valentini" <decathorpe@xxxxxxxxx>:

On Mon, Aug 28, 2023 at 7:53 PM Pete Walter <walter.pete@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

 28.08.2023, 18:34, "Scott Talbert" <swt@xxxxxxxxxx>:

 On Mon, 28 Aug 2023, Mark E. Fuller wrote:

  Hi all,

  I'm trying to unretire golang-github-google-renameio-2 and have completed a
  However, since the package still exists in F37 and F38, the process for
  getting the F39 and rawhide branches "back" and getting control of the
  package repo is unclear.
  Can anyone advise?

 It's just the normal process. The fact that F37 and F38 branches exist
 doesn't change anything. (Packages can't be retired in already-released
 versions, so that's why F37 and F38 branches still exist.)

 No, the process does not work like that in practice.
 I tried to unretire a few retired rust packages before the 2 month deadline passed where re-review is not needed, but Fabio Valentini told me that I cannot do that because he is still maintaining them for the f36 and f37 branches (it was several months ago). Releng agreed and refused to unretire the packages.

 I may have overreacted in the ticket but in my opinion this is an incredibly antisocial process where one person has the power to permanently retire something and then refuse to bring it back.

 I needed it for packaging fractal where as a result of being able to unretire them I had to bundle all dependencies. Same person tried to stop that as well...

Can you please stop spreading lies about me?
Anybody can read these public tickets, and see that I didn't refuse
*anything* (other than having my maintainer rights taken away from me
*without my knowledge*), and that I offered help instead.

You gave up your maintainer rights when you retired the package but then you refused to let another person pick it up. You "offering help" was just a way to look nice in the ticket - where is the package now? Let me answer that for you: Still retired. Offered help never arrived.
I am done with this discussion.
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