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On Sun, Aug 27, 2023 at 5:39 AM Sandro <lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 27-08-2023 06:33, Globe Trotter via devel wrote:
> > I am the maintainer of python-PyPDF2 for Fedora (which I do since I
> > was interested in pdf-stapler that I also maintain as a consequence).
> > For a while now, upstream has been wanting all PyPDF2 users to pypdf.
> > I was wondering how I go about this for the F38 repos. Do I need to
> > go through packaging again, or is there an easier way to update
> > python3-PyPDF2 to python3-pypdf? If so, what do I have to do?
> Could you provide some links to the upstream sources of PyPDF2 and
> pypdf? And me be also to the issue where the switch from PyPDF2 to pypdf
> is discussed.

I understand that the pypdf maintainer is the same as that of PyPDF2 and says here that:

that PyPDF2 and PyPDF3 and PyPDF4 packages are not maintained.

> I'm assuming PyPDF2 and pypdf are separate packages. In that case you
> would need to submit pypdf as a new package. Once pdf-stapler is built
> against pypdf you can retire PyPDF2 if no other package depends on it.

The above search indicates they are, and that there is a pypdf3.

> If pypdf is a rename of PyPDF2 you'd submit a re-review of the package
> and you need to take care of proper Provides: and Obsoletes: in the new
> package. See the docs for more info:

Thanks, simply renaming and obsoleting seems to me to be a better option, and I will look into that.

Thanks again!
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