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On 27-08-2023 06:33, Globe Trotter via devel wrote:
I am the maintainer of python-PyPDF2 for Fedora (which I do since I
was interested in pdf-stapler that I also maintain as a consequence).
For a while now, upstream has been wanting all PyPDF2 users to pypdf.
I was wondering how I go about this for the F38 repos. Do I need to
go through packaging again, or is there an easier way to update
python3-PyPDF2 to python3-pypdf? If so, what do I have to do?

Could you provide some links to the upstream sources of PyPDF2 and pypdf? And me be also to the issue where the switch from PyPDF2 to pypdf is discussed.

I'm assuming PyPDF2 and pypdf are separate packages. In that case you would need to submit pypdf as a new package. Once pdf-stapler is built against pypdf you can retire PyPDF2 if no other package depends on it.

If pypdf is a rename of PyPDF2 you'd submit a re-review of the package and you need to take care of proper Provides: and Obsoletes: in the new package. See the docs for more info:

I hope that helps.

-- Sandro
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