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On Fri, Aug 25, 2023 at 09:08:23PM -0700, Samuel Sieb wrote:
> No, it's a demonstration of applications that aren't being properly
> maintained when they're still using functions that have been deprecated for
> 6 releases which is also that many years.  Python core is very stable.

So... you're saying that the fact that *every* python release in the 
past decade carries backwards-incompatible core changes is somehow an 
indication of its "stability"?

(If you want "stability" in python you have to pin absolutely everything 
 in a per-applicaiton venv, including every [sub-]dependency and the 
 interpreter version.  And $deity help you if you need some 
 relatively-bleeding-edge modules or have dependencies with conflicting 
 version needs. I spent the majority of my time at $dayjob-1 keeping on 
 top of the constant CI failures caused by the turtles-all-the-way-down 
 dependencies changing out from under us)

If you want a platform that is actually stable, take perl.  They have an 
explicit policy of never breaking existing software even if it means 
carrying bugs forward indefinitely, and scripts/modules have to 
explicitly opt into behavioral changes.

I have twenty-year-old perl scripts that still work just fine, but in my 
experience, even couple-years-old python code most likely won't.

If perl is "write once, read nowhere" python is "write once, fix forever".


 - Solomon
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