Re: zlib-ng as a compat replacement for zlib

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Sorry, resending because the original message was rejected by the
mailing list.

Hi Lukas,

Lukas Javorsky <ljavorsk@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> Hi,
> I'm currently maintaining the zlib package across Fedora and Red Hat products.
> I like the proposal for the zlib-ng package, there are just a few questions for @Tulio Magno Quites Machado Filho <mailto:tmachado@xxxxxxxxxx> :
> 1) Just to clarify, do you want to have two separate packages (zlib-ng and e.g. zlib-ng-compat) in Fedora? One with the `-DZLIB_COMPAT=ON` option enabled and one without it?

Yes. While I do not have a personal preference, I believe it's important to provide the zlib-ng API for projects willing to use it instead of the zlib API.
I'm open to other suggestions too, including building zlib-ng twice and distributing them in different sub-packages as suggested by Michel.
Would you have any preferences?

> 2) What is your point of view on maintaining these packages? You will be the main contact and I could be the secondary one?

Ali (in Cc.) has also demonstrated interest in this package too. I'd be happy to share this with both of you.

> 3) Same as 2) but for CentOS Stream and RHEL products?

Sorry, I'm afraid the decision on supporting RHEL products is beyond my pay grade.

> Next, I have a few scary scenarios in my head, which I'm not sure how would be handled:

Please share all of them!
My experience maintaining long term libraries downstream is limited.

> 1) When we decide to migrate from zlib to zlib-ng and zlib-ng-compat, the packages would still need to rewrite their code so they can use the pure (no compat) zlib-ng functions and libraries. How many of the packages will be able (and most importantly willing) to do that?

I disagree that packages "need to rewrite their code".
IMHO, most packages will probably keep using the zlib API and should magically link against the zlib-ng-compat package.

> 2) There are 271 RPMs dependent on zlib in ELN repo (there will be more in the Fedora repo). It would mean that we would have to side-tag rebuild all of them when switching to the zlib-ng-compat package. It may be challenging.

I'm planning to use the mass-prebuild tool on Copr first [1].

> If I understood something incorrectly please let me know, I'm trying to understand it completely, what is the plan here. It will be needed to be thoroughly documented in the Fedora Change.


> Overall, I think performance-wise this is a great idea. We just need to be cautious about the compatibility.



Tulio Magno
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