Extending election nominations until November 13th

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As you may be aware, there has been a lot of confusion with regards to
the deadlines for election nominations for this election cycle.  (In
general, this election cycle hasn't been the smoothest, the blame for
which falls squarely on my shoulders as the FPL.)  FESCo, in
particular, had several nominations that happened after the deadline,
and has asked the Fedora Board to render a verdict on how to proceed.
After careful thought and deliberation, we've decided to extend
nominations for all three elections (FESCo, FAmSCo, and the Fedora
Board) to November 13th at 23:59 UTC.

Please note that we are not changing any other part of the election
schedule.  We'll be sticking to the schedule as outlined below:

# November 13-19 Town Halls Meetings
# November 20-28 Voting Period

Please note that this decision does not intend to set precedent for
future elections.  Any changes to the scheduling or logistics for
future elections will be discussed and decided after this election

Please help spread the word about the extension of nominations, so
that we can try to eliminate any additional confusion.  Thanks again
for your efforts in Fedora!

Jared Smith
Fedora Project Leader
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