Re: How to avoid kern.log msg "Could not find key with description..."

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On Wed, 12 Sep 2018, cppljevans wrote:
> Since upgrading from ubuntu 16.04lts to 18.04.1lst, I've been getting
> messages in kern.log like:
> Could not find with with description: [long_random_hexnum]
> Could not find valid key in user session keyring for sig specified in mount
> option: [long_random_hexnum]
So, the ecryptfs mounts are working, but it's just these annoying messages 
you inquire about, right?

These messages were reported earlier in different locations[0], a comment 
in an Ubuntu bug[1] suggests to do some keyctl trickery, but I don't know 
if that will help in your case.

my 2 cents,

BOFH excuse #99:

SIMM crosstalk.

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