Re: 16.2.11 pacific QE validation status

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On Tue, Jan 17, 2023 at 4:46 PM Yuri Weinstein <yweinste@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Please see the test results on the rebased RC 6.6 in this comment:
> We're still having infrastructure issues making testing difficult.
> Therefore all reruns were done excluding the rhel 8 distro
> ('--filter-out rhel_8')
> Also, the upgrades failed and Adam is looking into this.
> Seeking new approvals
> rados - Neha, Laura
> rook - Sébastien Han
> cephadm - Adam
> dashboard - Ernesto
> rgw - Casey
> rbd - Ilya

Hi Yuri,

I have concerns about excluding jobs this way since the functional test
coverage gets cut down by over a third.  I have scheduled a rerun for
rbd which should retain most of the coverage, let's see if it works:

> krbd - Ilya

Literally all jobs here failed with "Failed to fetch package version"
so I'm confused as to why this is even put up for an approval?  I have
scheduled a rerun:

(I have used a high priority for both since finally getting 16.2.11 out
the door is our top item.)


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