Re: flush devices explicitly on BlueFS::umount to fix #54019

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Hi Igor,

@Satoru - I'm curious if you can try a custom patch with a potential fix as you're able to consistently reproduce the issue?

Thank you for your effort. I'll try it. I'll also ask rook users who hit this problem to try this fix

Here is the progress of the experiment.

I've tried to reproduce this problem in Ceph v17.2.5 to verify the existence of this problem in the latest version.
However, it hasn't happened yet.
So I plan to continue the experiment with some modifications in my environment (e.g. NVMe SSD -> HDD, Ceph v17.2.5 -> v16.2.10).

Once I succeed to hit this problem, I'll run my reproducer in the problematic version with your patch.

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