macOS Big Sur: Compiling and linking on macOS Big Sur using cyrussasl-2.1.28 genrating .so plugin library files instead of dylib library files

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Hello Everyone,

I'm using the latest Cyrus SASL source version 2.1.28 found here ( with name: cyrus-sasl-2.1.28.tar.gz file into macOS Big Sur (11.7.9) for compiling the code.  When I run the following commands to compile the code:
cd cyrus-sasl-2.1.28
I found that the sasl2 library is found in "lib/.libs" folder as :
libsasl2.dylib -> libsasl2.3.dylib -> ../
I found the .so files in plugins folder found in "plugins/.libs" as:

As you can see the build is generating .so files instead of .dylib files for plugins, where as it is generating .dylib for libsasl2 library. Is there a way to change the configure script or or other build files in plugins folder or elsewhere so it can generate .dylib libraries in plugins instead of .so libraries on macOS platform?

Please help.


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