LDAP authentication without saslautd

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I am making another effort to upgrade my mail and calendar system from dovecot and apple calendarserver-

cyrus-imapd seems still be the best option, as it has caldav and carddav support, which I need and I don't like any of the PHP implementations that are also available for free.

However, my setup includes an openLDAP instance where I store {SSHA} password. Thus I can not use the "auxprop" plugins.

Is there a specific reason why none of the available mechanisms / plugins is supporting this setup?

Although there has been a patch contributed to the mailing list (in 2001 !) and there is an open pull-request that would enable it, the functionality to verify a user-supplied plain-text password against a stored hash still seems to be lacking from the trunk.

Or am I missing something here?

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