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>> 'make dist' fails with:
>> error: missing documentation dependencies. cannot build html
> Per the doc it should be "make distcheck", although I expect it may fail as 
> well.

If 'make dist' fails like that, then back when you ran configure, it couldn't find the documentation dependencies, therefore cannot (re)build the documentation, and is refusing to build a distribution without documentation....  Go back and look for a warning about this in the configure output to find out which dependencies are missing, and install them.  You don't need those dependencies to install _from_ a distribution, since the documentation is prebuilt in the distribution, but you do need them to _make_ a distribution.

If you do have those dependencies and configure finds them, and this error still happens, maybe there's something wrong with the sasl version of this part of things.  This stuff works okay for the cyrus-imapd repository but I'm not sure this part of the cyrus-sasl repository has been exercised much yet -- there might be some problem we fixed and forgot for imap that didn't make it to sasl.

In cyrus-imapd, before you run 'make dist' (or 'make distcheck') you must have already run (specifically) './configure --enable-maintainer-mode'.  I don't know if the same applies for cyrus-sasl, but it probably does.

'make distcheck' does the same as 'make dist', and then also a bunch of other things to make sure the dist it built is sensible.  But if a simple 'make dist' doesn't succeed, 'make distcheck' won't either.



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