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for me GSSAPI, SPNEGO, and GS2-KRB5 work on the master branch:

# the Kerberos server is obtained by DNS lookup SRV )
$ echo abc|kinit aaa@xxxxxxxxx
Password for aaa@xxxxxxxxx:

$ curl -v --negotiate -u: -XPROPFIND

Both when curl is compiled with Cyrus SASL (curl --version says nothing about SASL and is linked with libsasl2) and with libgsasl (curl --version prints “libgsasl/1.10.0” and is linked with libsasl2 and libgsasl).

# Next commands also work:
$ imtest -t "" -m GSSAPI # (without Channel bindings for GSSAPI on both sides)
$ imtest -t "" -m GS2-KRB5 # (without Channel bindings)
$ ldapsearch -ZZY GSSAPI -b"dc=aegee,dc=org" -H ldap:// # (I do not know, if openldap utilizes channel binding here, but it likely syncs with the ldapsearch client on this)
$ ldapsearch -ZZY GS2-KRB5  -b"dc=aegee,dc=org" -H ldap://
$ sivtest -t "" -m GSSAPI # (no GSSAPI Channel binding)


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 Subject: Cyrus SASL 2.1.28 testing
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Hi everyone,

The cyrus-sasl-2.1 branch is ready for testing for the proposed
2.1.28 Cyrus SASL release.  For those who know how to build from
source, it would be great if you can test and verify things work as
expected.  If you have a kerberos based environment that makes use
of SASL/GSSAPI for a variety of purposes, please note that in any

A general list of fixed issues for this release can be found at:


Thanks in advance!



Quanah Gibson-Mount
Product Architect
Symas Corporation
Packaged, certified, and supported LDAP solutions powered by OpenLDAP:

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