Re: Cyrus SASL 2.1.28 testing

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Simo Sorce wrote:
> A few minor issues while I was checking stuff around.
> INSTALL.TXT: redirects to a file that does not exist anymore
> tells to look at doc/index.html, this file I think has been
> moved to doc/legacy/ ?

The doc situation looks to be another huge mess. After moving the HTML docs to
doc/legacy in bb12da07ac342fe97874289b76244611531692e8 in 2016 there are still
multiple updates to the HTML files. That move would lead one to expect that the
docsrc/ files would have been updated and fleshed out with the complete contents
of the HTML docs and that the HTML files were completely retired. Unfortunately
the commit history shows that these docs are still actively in use, not "legacy".

Dunno what we should do about that right now.

  -- Howard Chu
  CTO, Symas Corp. 
  Director, Highland Sun
  Chief Architect, OpenLDAP

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