Re: auxprop pwcheck with sasl ldapdb and openldap backend not working

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Got it.... thank you!

I was finally able to get cyrus-imapd to talk to the ldap as well, by removing the "-hashed" suffix.

I am wondering, what to do now. For one thing, hashed LDAP passwords seem to be supported in saslauthd:

I am not willing to story pain passwords in the ldap (and use "auxprop" with "ldapdb" as is), but I am tempted to attempt to port that part over to the sasl-ldapdb module.

The first option would certainly be easier. But the second more fun, maybe. :-)

But what are - hypothetically -  the chances of getting that code - assuming it would be a few dozen lines in, say plugins/ and maybe re-using parts from lak.c - accepted in cyrus-sasl?

Would some of the original developers and/or current maintainers  of the code in question be willing to assist in helping to collect all the information required and drafting a design for a solution?

- plugins/ -> e.g. Howard Chu, Ken Murchison ?
- saslauthd/lak.c -> e.g. Igor Brezac, Rob Siemborski ?

I would be willing to put in a few days to help with the design and then write code and test. (Which is not a commitment yet, but if there is some general support for the idea, that would help, of course, to increase the chances of me "finding" those hours...

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