Re: auxprop pwcheck with sasl ldapdb and openldap backend not working

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Hello Patrik,

you do not need sasl2/Cyrus.conf (which is completely different from /etc/cyrus.conf = master file).

For each line from sasl2/Cyrus.conf X:Y you can use sasl_X: Y in imapd.conf. The same SASL options can be passed in sasl2/Cyrus.conf and in imapd.conf, but in the latter the sasl_ prefix is needed.


На 7 ноември 2021 г. 0:05:50 GMT+02:00, PFiver via SASL <sasl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> написа:

The only hint about the /etc/sasl2/Cyrus.conf file I found so far, is this. I have tried to tweak it left and right but no success so far.

Дилян I have a hard time in accepting that I need a daemon process to handle the authentication. As said it is a handful of accounts. 100 logins a day. I don't really want that saslauthd .... but oh well ... maybe I'll give it a try.

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