Re: Cannot login to postfix with SMTP after update to 3.4.13

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Am Thu, 7 Oct 2021 11:06:38 -0400
schrieb diestel@xxxxxxxxx:

> Hello,
> after updating a bit older system to recent postfix 3.4.13 I cannot
> login via SMTP LOGIN method anymore (PLAIN does not work either). I
> use accounts setup in sasldb2 so far. Trying to track down the
> problem I added a test account, which is recognised:
> # postconf mydomain
> mydomain =
> # testsaslauthd -u test -p test -r
> 0: OK "Success."
> But logging in to postfix via a client is denied. It may relate to
> the domain/realm but after three days of trying to track down the
> problem I run out of ideas what else I could try. Any hint would be
> appretiated. $ curl -u 'test@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:test'
> smtp://localhost:25 -tls curl: (67) Login denied

Das könnte daran liegen, dass clients postfix nur über Port 587
(submission) erreichen können.



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