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Hello Sasl list,
I've been recently reviewing the cyrus-sasl package due to our legal
process before redistribution and I noticed a couple of things that are
a bit annoying.

Our tools detected a dozen licenses scattered through the code, but one
in particular is problematic and drew my attention to a section of the
code I always ignored.

Embedded under the /mac/ directory there is a header file with a
license our tool calls "Sun RPC" which has problematic language wrt

This is very old code, and it is not clear to me if it even works these
days (some files are 20 years old untouched).

I was wondering if you know if the /mac directory is used at all and if
we couldn't simply just delete all of it.

It includes truly ancient stuff like a DES implementation and a KRB4
implementation that nobody can (or should) be using anymore.

What do you think?

I can prepare a PR that simply drops the whole thing if you think we
can do that.


Simo Sorce
RHEL Crypto Team
Red Hat, Inc

Cyrus: SASL
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