Re: mutt / sending e-mail (was: adding OAuth)

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	Quoth Mr Claus Aßmann: 'It's configurable. See the fine mutt
documentation... So if mutt implements OAuth, it can use it directly.
Maybe you should switch to that MUA?'
	I've never used, just encountered when searching for how to
use sendmail with OAuth.  Its site calls it a mail client.  I read
mail with mailx; it sends mail using the SMTP server (usually
sendmail, no?) - but I don't use mailx to send mail.  I expected the
same of mutt: why go to the trouble of implementing one's own SMTP?
	I compose messages with emacs, not a mail client; I use a
script to send messages then archive them: I have a system.  I won't
use an MUA that holds my messages captive to its system, such as all
those webmail clients.  I'll have to look at mutt.

russell bell

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