not even sure it's the right list

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but i will try anyway. hello folks. 

i've been interested lately to log a little bit more about the entries
that concern wrong passwords. both in cyrus and in postfix. 

so i hacked a bit lib/server.c and plugins/plain.c to log password as
well. but it's still an ugly hack. 

i was wondering if anyone else thought about this. i have millions of
queries daily, and some are right on the money. like the right user,
the right domain. and after a few weeks of trying this i figured out,
sometimes they even have an old password. 

all sorts of weird IPs. like from china, north korea, ukraine, russia
and so on. i know it's a bad idea to log passwords, but in this case,
it's a good thing to know which passwords are compromised. 

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