Cyrus-sasl official releases?

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Hello there,

some time ago, I contributed several patches from Fedora that we were using into the cyrus-sasl fork on github [1] and if I see right, they made it back to the official git repository. Since that time, there were two releases on github, but none of them is mentioned in the official cyrus-sasl website nor available on the official FTP [2] (still linked from the fork readme).

Can we consider this as an official release? Is it planned to be available in the official FTP? Or is the upstream abandoned and the future work will be done on github? Adding Nacho to CC, who is doing these releases and should be able to bring some light into that.

Why do I ask? I would like to update the Fedora package and get rid of the bunch of patches we carry around for years (since they are upstream), but I would not like to pick up some "random fork" (with no offense -- I really appreciate the work Ignacio Casal Quinteiro and Ken Murchison did so far).


Kind regards,

Jakub Jelen
Associate Software Engineer
Security Technologies
Red Hat

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