Re: GSSAPI and "encoded packet size too big"

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--On Monday, February 11, 2013 03:58:49 PM +0100 Ragnar Sundblad <ragge@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On 11 feb 2013 - w7, at 00:04, Ragnar Sundblad <ragge@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

We get "encoded packet size too big (8252 > 8192)" paired with
"decoding error: generic failure; SASL(-1): generic failure: security
flags do not match required, closing connection" when the imap proxy
is talking to the imapd.

I have tracked down the "too big" message to _plug_decode() in

We have looked into this a little further.

First a clarification:
Above we had upped the buffer both in imapd (PROT_BUFSIZE in
<imapd>/lib/prot.h) and in sasl (SASL_ENCODEV_EXTRA in
<sasl>/lib/common.c to 8192. Before that change, the numbers
typically were "(4156 > 4096)".

We are now using sasl with SASL_ENCODEV_EXTRA=8192 (double the
original value, and imapd with PROT_BUFSIZE=4096 (as it were
originally), and everything finally seems to work now.

The sasl GSSAPI plugin sets oparams->maxoutbuf to 8132 (8192 - 60),
but it seems the imapd stuff still sends packets which in clear
text are PROT_BUFSIZE, which get 60 bytes larger when encrypted,
and which then would be to large if we hadn't upped sasl's

So something doesn't really work correctly here.

Did you ever figure out what the underlying issue was?

We are seeing a problem that looks a lot like this yours.  From JNDI
clients connecting to our OpenLDAP server on Debian Wheezy connections
are failing.  If the client makes a GSSAPI connection and uses SASL
encryption then the client will fail with a
java.lang.NegativeArraySizeException error.

The problem Cyrus SASL version is 2.1.25.  Also, the problem is
limited to Java JNDI clients since our non-Java clients appear to
be working.  The same failing Java applications work with version

We have experimented and found that the problem is in the SASL
encryption layer.  If we configure configure the Java client to use
GSSAPI authentication and TLS encryption the clients can retrieve LDAP



Bill MacAllister
Infrastructure Delivery Group, Stanford University

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