Re: compiler warning on freebsd

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Hi Alexey,

Why such a change?

Well, you complained about other errors I thought I push some of my own
changes to fix it.

Hmm, yes, that's true :-)
Thanks for it.

Besides, adding in INN a special "#ifdef sasl_callback_ft" is not very

I can add something like

which you can test to see if the new typedef is available. This will be
included in 2.1.26 and later versions.
Would this help?

The problem would still be present for users of version 2.1.25.
No need to add SASL_CALLBACK_FT_DEFINED.  I will use:

 #ifdef HAVE_SASL
 # include <sasl/sasl.h>
 # include <sasl/saslplug.h>
 # include <sasl/saslutil.h>
 /* For Cyrus SASL versions < 2.1.24. */
 # ifndef sasl_callback_ft
 typedef int (*sasl_callback_ft)(void);
 # endif

It seems to work fine. (And more readable than testing SASL_VERSION_MAJOR, SASL_VERSION_MINOR, and SASL_VERSION_STEP.)

I wish you a nice week,

Julien ÉLIE

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