Re: compiler warning on freebsd

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Hi Alexey,

No problem if I do not use the "strict-prototypes" warning with GCC.

Line 353 is:
int (*proc)();
in sasl_callback_t definition.

I might have fixes for these in my private fork. I will try to apply
them to the HEAD.

Oh, that's great!  Many thanks.
We're using Cyrus SASL for the AUTHINFO SASL extension of the news server INN.

By the way, is an official 2.1.24 release planned?

Yes. I think I've just missed the internal deadline (it was September 1st).

No problem. I hope 2.1.24 will be released this year. It contains useful improvements compared with 2.1.23, and also a better support for 64bit platforms.

I do not see documentation for sasl_server_done() in 2.1.24rc1. I still see sasl_done() everywhere. Shouldn't it be changed?

Julien ÉLIE

« Un voyage de mille lieues commence toujours par un premier pas. »
  (Lao Zi)

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