Re: saslauthd/PAM IP logging on failure

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saslauthd -d -n0

-d is the saslauthd debug flag.
for pam you need -n 0  (-n5 is default)
(and you can put these in the startup script and IIRC there is a configuration file this.)

saslauthd logs it's activities via syslogd using the LOG_AUTH facility.

Quoting Amir 'CG' Caspi <cepheid@xxxxxxxxxx>:


I'm not sure how saslauthd would log the remote host if it's not being passed that info... but I'm willing to enable debug flags, etc. If you can tell me where to turn on the debug flags, and how to configure syslog to see the info, I'm totally willing to give it a shot, to see if I can get that info into the log. However, this is the first I've heard of saslauthd even having that info - everyone previously had said that the code would need to be modified.

						--- Amir

At 8:39 AM -0400 04/04/2011, omalleys@xxxxxxx wrote:
It sounds like Sendmail isn't sending the correct data, or in the correct format. I believe sasl/saslauthd logs the remote, but I think you need to use the debug flag and have syslog configured properly to see it.

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