Re: 2.1.24rc1 creating 2.0.24 files

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On Mon, Nov 22, 2010 at 2:11 AM, Dan White <dwhite@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> I actually have the same filename format. I also checked another system
> which is using 2.1.23, and its libraries have a 2.0.23 suffix.
> config/ seems to define the suffix, which is apparently:
> versuffix="$major.$age.$revision"
> However, I don't know what '$age' is.

meh, just found in sasldb/Makefile at line 235: # Note that this
doesn't necessaraly follow the libsasl2 verison info
And right below they have sasl_version = 1:24:0.
So, I'm guessing that's the zero. Anyway, $age point to parameter $4,
which is hard to keep track [backwardsly] since it's shell script, so
I'll just take it as expected to be 2.0.24 heh... I got postfix
working with it, so it's okay.

Thanks again,

Eduardo Bacchi Kienetz

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