Re: GSSAPI naming extensions

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Howard Chu wrote:

I'm looking at how to utilize some of the APIs in this draft
with SASL. My preference was to provide SASL versions of gss_inquire_name() and gss_get_name_attribute(), so that apps using SASL don't need to call directly into the underlying GSS API. But alternatively, I could just implement sasl_getprop(SASL_GSS_PEER_NAME) and make the app do the gss calls itself. Any suggestions?

Proposed wrappers would be

sasl_nameprop_list(sasl_conn_t *conn, char **propnames)
  -> return the list of available attributes using gss_inquire()

sasl_nameprop_request(sasl_conn_t *conn,
     const char *propname,
     int *authenticated,
     int *complete,
     void **value,
     unsigned *value_length,
     char **display_value,
     int *more)
  -> iterate thru gss_get_name_attribute().

This would require adding the corresponding entry points to the sasl_server_plug_t.

After thinking a bit more about this, I think this is sensible.

You would also need to bump the SASL plugin version number (in saslplug.h):


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