Re: schedule_timeout sleeps too long after dividing CPU frequency

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On 15/05/2015 11:51, Russell King - ARM Linux wrote:

> As you don't say which kernel version you're using,

Sorry about that, I thought the patch-generating command
I posted conveyed the information.

$ git diff v3.14.41 HEAD >tango.patch && xz tango.patch

I'm using the 3.14.y branch from linux-stable.

> for all we know, you might be using a version which omits some fixes
> in this area, such as this one which you really must have if your
> timer is operating in period mode:
> fe79a9ba1196 clockevents: Adjust timer interval when frequency changes

Hmmm, according to git log, this patch was accepted during
the 3.14-rc2 merge window. Why didn't it make it for 3.14?

I'll cherry-pick that commit, and report back along with
the other tests.

By any chance, is there a patch that would allow the platform
to get high-resolution timers when using smp_twd?


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