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On 02/06/15 18:21, Mason wrote:
> config HAVE_ARM_TWD
>   bool
>   depends on SMP
>   select CLKSRC_OF if OF
>   help
>     This options enables support for the ARM timer and watchdog unit
> One problem I see is that HAVE_ARM_TWD depends on SMP...
> One of the systems I want to support is UP (single-core Cortex A9).
> Does that mean I should use an SMP kernel even for that system?
> Or is there a different subsystem for UP systems?

I don't see any problem with the TWD dropping the dependency on SMP. The
code should work the same on a UP configuration and if that's the only
timer you have that can deliver interrupts to your processor then it
would be required. You'd still need a clocksource though, which the TWD
doesn't provide.

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