[Bug 58001] "ondemand" CPU governor never raises frequency (Dell XPS 12)

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--- Comment #22 from Paul Johnson <pauljohn@xxxxxx> ---
Is it possible that different Intel chips respond differently?  I'm running
Ubuntu 14.04 on 2 laptops and one has the problem, the other does not. 

On the Dell Precision m4600 laptop, I had the chronic problem that, after
suspend, I was always stuck at 800MHZ.  To fix that, I had to explicitly reset
the threshold lower.  Eventually, I found a script that did it


## https://gist.github.com/Pyppe/6028707
# default with 13.04 is 95


if [ ! -f "$SCALING_FILE" ]; then
                echo "$SCALING_FILE not found"
                exit 1


if [[ $limit -lt 100 && $limit -gt 30 ]]; then
                sudo bash -c "echo $limit > $SCALING_FILE"
                echo "Invalid value"
                exit 1

However, on a Dell Latitude 6430u, I have no such problem.  Frequency scaling
works without qualification, before and after suspend.

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