Re: [RFC 0/3] Experimental patchset for CPPC

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On Thu, Aug 14, 2014 at 03:57:07PM -0400, Ashwin Chaugule wrote:
> What is CPPC:
> =============
> CPPC is the new interface for CPU performance control between the OS and the
> platform defined in ACPI 5.0+. The interface is built on an abstract
> representation of CPU performance rather than raw frequency.  Basic operation
> consists of:

Why do we want this? Typically we've ignored ACPI and gone straight to
MSR access, intel_pstate and intel_idle were created especially to avoid
ACPI, so why return to it.

Also, the whole interface sounds like trainwreck (one would not expect
anything else from ACPI).

So _why_?

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