[Bug 77201] CPU online hangs, works when powernow-k8 is UN-loaded

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--- Comment #48 from Srivatsa S. Bhat <srivatsa@xxxxxxx> ---

Hmm, this just became even more hard :-(

Viresh, sure, I'll check the diff tomorrow to see if there is any obvious

Meanwhile, can the bug reporter please test these commits that I mentioned
earlier? (6f1e4efd882 is my first suspect commit after 3.13.8)

6f1e4efd882 (cpufreq: Fix timer/workqueue corruption by protecting reading

1c0ca90207 (cpufreq: don't call cpufreq_update_policy() on CPU addition)

4e97b631f24 (cpufreq: Initialize governor for a new policy under policy->rwsem)

I know that the issue might not be in cpufreq (especially after your test
results from Viresh's branch). But I still I have some tiny hope that we might
have missed something in cpufreq... Besides, bisecting within the cpufreq
commits is a lot faster than bisecting everything between 3.13.8 and 3.14, in
case the bug is really in cpufreq.

By the way, testing the above commits means that you need to test 1 commit
before the commits mentioned above and see if it works, and then go to the
mentioned commit and see if it fails.

Srivatsa S. Bhat

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