Ceph-Cluster integration with Ovirt-Cluster

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Hi Guys,

I have a running ovirt-4.3 cluster with 1 manager and 4 hypervisors nodes and for storage using traditional SAN storage which is connect using iscsi. where i can create VM's and assign storge from SAN. This is running fine since a decade but now i want to move from traditional SAN storage to ceph storage cluster due to slow speed and scalability issues of storage. 

But i am a very newbie in ceph but able to install ceph-cluster reef_v18 in my lab environment with 5 VM's (2 Mon's and Manager and 3 OSD's) on Debian 12.  And i have installed ovirt 4.5 with 1 hypervisor on VM's on centos stream 9 and want to integrate it with ceph-cluster so that i can use ceph-cluster storage like i am using SAN with my ovirt and I have tried to do some google and read ceph documentation but did not find anything regarding this. 

So how can i do it? 

If you need any other information, please let me know!

Many Thanks!
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