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It's your pool replication (size = 3):

3886733 (number of objects) * 3 = 11660199

Zitat von Thorne Lawler <thorne@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

Can anyone please tell me what "COPIES" means in this context?

[ceph: root@san2 /]# rados df -p
POOL_NAME             USED  OBJECTS  CLONES    COPIES MISSING_ON_PRIMARY  UNFOUND  DEGRADED      RD_OPS       RD WR_OPS       WR  USED COMPR  UNDER COMPR  41 TiB  3886733       0 11660199                   0        0         0  3249045631  177 TiB  9372801877  231 TiB     7.0 MiB       12 MiB

In what sense does my CephFS filesystem include 11660199 'copies'? Copies of what?

On 18/03/2024 11:12 am, Thorne Lawler wrote:
Thanks Igor,

I have tried that, and the number of objects and bytes_used took a long time to drop, but they seem to have dropped back to almost the original level:

 * Before creating the file:
     o 3885835 objects
     o 45349150134272 bytes_used
 * After creating the file:
     o 3931663 objects
     o 45924147249152 bytes_used
 * Immediately after deleting the file:
     o 3935995 objects
     o 45978612027392 bytes_used
 * Half an hour after deleting the file:
     o 3886013 objects
     o 45349569585152 bytes_used

Unfortunately, this is all production infrastructure, so there is always other activity taking place.

What tools are there to visually inspect the object map and see how it relates to the filesystem?

On 15/03/2024 7:18 pm, Igor Fedotov wrote:
ceph df detail --format json-pretty


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