ceph osd different size to create a cluster for Openstack : asking for advice

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I need some guidance from you folks...

I am going to deploy a ceph cluster in HCI mode for an openstack platform.
My hardware will be :
- 03 control nodes  :
- 27 osd nodes : each node has 03x3.8To nvme + 01x1.9To nvme disks (those
disks will all be used as OSDs)

In my Openstack I will be creating all sorts of pools : RBD, Cephfs and RGW.

I am planning to create two crush rules using the disk size as a parameter.
Then divide my pools between the two rules.
- RBD to use the 3.8To disks since I need more space here.
- Cephfs and RGW to use 1.9To disks.

Is this a good configuration?

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