Ceph Leadership Team Meeting, 2024-02-28 Minutes

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Hi folks,

Today we discussed:

   - [casey] on dropping ubuntu focal support for squid

   - Discussion thread:

   - Quincy doesn't build jammy packages, so quincy->squid upgrade tests
      have to run on focal

   - proposing to add jammy packages for quincy to enable that upgrade path
      (from 17.2.8+)

   - https://github.com/ceph/ceph-build/pull/2206

   - Need to indicate that Quincy clusters must upgrade to jammy before
      upgrading to Squid.

   - T release name: https://pad.ceph.com/p/t

   - Tentacle wins!

   - Patrick to do release kick-off

   - Cephalocon news?

   - Planning is in progress; no news as knowledgeable parties not present
      for this meeting.

   - Volunteers for compiling the Contributor Credits?


   - Laura will give it a try.

   - Plan for tagged vs. named Github milestones?

   - Continue using priority order for qa testing: exhaust testing on
      tagged milestone, then go to "release" catch-all milestone

   - v18.2.2 hotfix release next

   - Reef HEAD is still cooking with to-be-addressed upgrade issues.

   - v19.1.0 (first Squid RC)

   - two rgw features still waiting to go into squid

   - cephfs quiesce feature to be backported

   - Nightlies crontab to be updated by Patrick.

   - V19.1.0 milestone: https://github.com/ceph/ceph/milestone/21

Patrick Donnelly, Ph.D.
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Red Hat Partner Engineer
IBM, Inc.
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