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Le 22/02/2024 à 18:07:51+0300, Konstantin Shalygin a écrit

> Yes you can, this controlled by option
> client quota df = false

But I'm unable to make it work. Is this the correct syntaxe ?

        fsid = ***********************************
        mon_host = [v2:,v1:] [v2:,v1:] [v2:,v1:] [v2:145.23
8.187.187:3300/0,v1:] [v2:,v1:]

  quota df = false

And if I check the documentation 

the purpose of the quota df = false is to show 

  available space = total space - used space

instead of 

  available space = quota limit - used space

but what I want is 

  available space = quota limit - used space on hardware 

so if I use 3 replicas that's mean when I write 100G of data 

  available space = quota limite - 100G x 3


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