Re: [Urgent] Ceph system Down, Ceph FS volume in recovering

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Hi Mathew

Pls chekc my ceph -s 

ceph -s
    id:     258af72a-cff3-11eb-a261-d4f5ef25154c
    health: HEALTH_WARN
            3 failed cephadm daemon(s)
            1 filesystem is degraded
            insufficient standby MDS daemons available
            1 nearfull osd(s)
            Low space hindering backfill (add storage if this doesn't resolve itself):
21 pgs backfill_toofull
            15 pool(s) nearfull
            11 daemons have recently crashed
    mon:         6 daemons, quorum
cephgw03,cephosd01,cephgw01,cephosd03,cephgw02,cephosd02 (age 30h)
    mgr:         cephgw01.vwoffq(active, since 17h), standbys: cephgw02.nauphz,
    mds:         1/1 daemons up
    osd:         29 osds: 29 up (since 40h), 29 in (since 29h); 402 remapped pgs
    rgw:         2 daemons active (2 hosts, 1 zones)
    tcmu-runner: 18 daemons active (2 hosts)
    volumes: 0/1 healthy, 1 recovering
    pools:   15 pools, 1457 pgs
    objects: 36.87M objects, 25 TiB
    usage:   75 TiB used, 41 TiB / 116 TiB avail
    pgs:     17759672/110607480 objects misplaced (16.056%)
             1055 active+clean
             363  active+remapped+backfill_wait
             18   active+remapped+backfilling
             14   active+remapped+backfill_toofull
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