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Cephadm does not have some variable that explicitly says it's an HCI
deployment. However, the HCI variable in ceph ansible I believe only
controlled the osd_memory_target attribute, which would automatically set
it to 20% or 70% respectively of the memory on the node  divided by the
number of OSDs on the node depending on whether it's HCI or not. Cephadm
doesn't have that exactly, but has a similar feature of osd memory
autotuning which has some docs here
The warning indicates that it isn't ideal for HCI to use this, but I think
if you set the mgr/cephadm/autotune_memory_target_ratio to a value closer
to 0.2 rather than the default 0.7, it might end up working out close to
how ceph-ansible worked with the is_hci option set to true. Otherwise, you
can set the option yourself after doing a similar calculation to what
ceph-ansible did with something like `ceph config set osd/host:<hostname>
osd_memory_target <amount>` where that amount is the per OSD memory target
you want for OSDs on that host.

I don't think we have documentation of what version to use for the
monitoring stack daemons, but the assumption is the default version defined
in cephadm should be okay to use unless you have some specific use case
that requires a different one. There are docs on how to change it to use a
different image if you'd like to do so

Can't speak much to the setup wizard in the dashboard and whether it's
possible to get it going again after closing out of it, or the telemetry
related dashboard issue.

On Wed, Feb 21, 2024 at 11:08 AM wodel youchi <wodel.youchi@xxxxxxxxx>

> Hi,
> I have some questions about ceph using cephadm.
> I used to deploy ceph using ceph-ansible, now I have to move to cephadm, I
> am in my learning journey.
>    - How can I tell my cluster that it's a part of an HCI deployment? With
>    ceph-ansible it was easy using is_hci : yes
>    - The documentation of ceph does not indicate what versions of grafana,
>    prometheus, ...etc should be used with a certain version.
>       - I am trying to deploy Quincy, I did a bootstrap to see what
>       containers were downloaded and their version.
>       - I am asking because I need to use a local registry to deploy those
>       images.
>    - After the bootstrap, the Web interface was accessible :
>       - How can I access the wizard page again? If I don't use it the first
>       time I could not find another way to get it.
>       - I had a problem with telemetry, I did not configure telemetry, then
>       when I clicked the button, the web gui became
> inaccessible.....????!!!
> Regards.
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