Some questions about cephadm

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I have some questions about ceph using cephadm.

I used to deploy ceph using ceph-ansible, now I have to move to cephadm, I
am in my learning journey.

   - How can I tell my cluster that it's a part of an HCI deployment? With
   ceph-ansible it was easy using is_hci : yes
   - The documentation of ceph does not indicate what versions of grafana,
   prometheus, ...etc should be used with a certain version.
      - I am trying to deploy Quincy, I did a bootstrap to see what
      containers were downloaded and their version.
      - I am asking because I need to use a local registry to deploy those
   - After the bootstrap, the Web interface was accessible :
      - How can I access the wizard page again? If I don't use it the first
      time I could not find another way to get it.
      - I had a problem with telemetry, I did not configure telemetry, then
      when I clicked the button, the web gui became inaccessible.....????!!!

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