Merging two ceph clusters

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Good morning,

in the spirit of the previous thread, I am wondering if anyone ever
succeeded in merging two separate ceph clusters into one?

Background from my side: we are running multiple ceph clusters in
k8s/rook, but we still have some Nautilus/Devuan based clusters that are
hard-to-impossible to upgrade.

One of the ideas was to shift over the existing workload of the older
clusters into the newer clusters. In the best case the whole process
would be possible while keeping everything running in the new and old

One clear challenge is that the two clusters obviously have a different
FSID. The pool (names) in the two clusters differ, but the pool IDs are

If anyone has ever done this or has ideas on how to accomplish this, I
would be very interested in hearing your opinion.

Greetings from the Swiss mountains,


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