Ceph stretch mode connect to local datacenter

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I have a ceph cluster which works in stretch mode:
node1 (osd, mon, mgr)
node2 (osd, mon)
node3 (osd, mds)

node1 (osd, mon, mgr)
node2 (osd, mon)
node3 (osd, mds)

node1 (mon)

Datacenters are distributions  between different  locations.
I use RBD on my clients.
How can I set up my clients to connect to the local datacenter?
I don't need big traffic between datacenters only for replications, so my
client in DC1 should connect to ceph in DC1. But when something happened
with DC1 my clients in DC1 should still be working. In configs on my
clients I set up all cluster monitors.
Is this possible at all?
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