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	Hello, Janne,

Janne Johansson wrote:
> Den mån 29 jan. 2024 kl 08:11 skrev Jan Kasprzak <kas@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> >
> > Is it possible to install a new radosgw instance manually?
> > If so, how can I do it?
> We are doing it, and I found the same docs issue recently, so Zac
> pushed me to provide a skeleton (at least) for such a page. I have
> recently made a quincy cluster manual install with RGWs so I will
> condense what I did to something that can be used for docs later on
> (I'll leave it to Zac to format and merge).
> Really short version for you:
> Install radosgw debs/rpms on the rgw box(es)
> On one of the mons or a box with admin ceph auth run
>    ceph auth get-or-create client.short-hostname-of-rgw mon 'allow rw'
> osd 'allow rwx'

	OK, I was looking for something like ... mon 'allow profile radosgw'.
Which can be set, but does not work. This was my main problem, apparently.
mon 'allow rw' works.

> On each of the rgw box(es)
>   create a ceph-user owned dir, for instance like this
>   install -d -o ceph -g ceph /var/lib/ceph/radosgw/ceph-$(hostname -s)
>   inside this dir, put the key (or the first two lines of it) you got
> from the above ceph auth get-or-create
>   vi /var/lib/ceph/radosgw/ceph-$(hostname -s)/keyring
>   Figure out what URL rgw should answer to and all that in the config
> parts, but that would be the same
>   for manual and ceph-adm/orchestrated installs.
>   and now you should be able to start the service with
>   systemctl start ceph-radosgw@$(hostname -s).service

	Works for me, thanks.

> The last part may or may not act up a bit due to two things, one is
> that it may have tried starting lots of times after the deb/rpm got
> installed, but long before you added they usable key for it, so doing
> a slight boxing match with systemd might be in order, to stop the
> service, reset-failed on the service and then restarting it. (and
> check that it is enabled, so it starts on next boot also)

	No problem with that on my systems.

> Secondly, I also tend to run into this issue* where rgw (and other
> parts of ceph!) can't create pools if they don't specify PG numbers,
> which rgw doesn't do any longer, and if you get this error, you end up
> having to create all the pools manually yourself (from a mon/admin
> host or the rgw, but doing it from the rgw requires a lot more
> specifying username and keyfile locations than the default admin-key
> hosts)
> *)
>    This ticket has a VERY SIMPLE method of testing if ceph versions
> has this problem or not, just
>    run "ceph osd pool create some-name" and see how it fails unless
> you add a number behind
>    it or not.
>    The help is quite clear that all other parameters are meant to be optional:
> osd pool create <pool> [<pg_num:int>] [<pgp_num:int>]
> [<pool_type:replicated|erasure>] [<erasure_code_profile>] [<rule>]
> [<expected_num_objects:int>] [<size:int>] [<pg_num_min:int>]
> [<pg_num_max:int>] [<autoscale_mode:on|off|warn>] [--bulk]
> [<target_size_bytes:int>] [<target_size_ratio:float>] :  create pool

	Also OK on my system.

	If there is a (planned) documentation of manual rgw bootstrapping,
it would be nice to have also the names of required pools listed there.

	So, thanks for a heplful reply! To sum it up, the following
worked for me (on AlmaLinux 9 host with client.admin.keyring and Ceph Reef):

RGWNAME=`hostname -s`
echo "RGW name is $RGWNAME"

cat >> /etc/ceph/ceph.conf <<EOF
	rgw_frontends = beast port=8088
# modify the configuration to suit your needs, for example enable SSL with
#         rgw_frontends = beast ssl_port=4443 ssl_certificate=/etc/pki/tls/certs/$RGWNAME.crt+bundle ssl_private_key=/etc/pki/tls/private/$RGWNAME.key

mkdir /var/lib/ceph/radosgw/ceph-$RGWNAME
get-or-create client.$RGWNAME mon 'allow rw' osd 'allow rwx' \
	> /var/lib/ceph/radosgw/ceph-$RGWNAME/keyring
chown -R ceph:ceph /var/lib/ceph/radosgw/ceph-$RGWNAME

systemctl enable --now ceph-radosgw@$RGWNAME

# verify it works
ceph osd pool ls
# should print at least the following pools:
# .rgw.root
# default.rgw.log
# default.rgw.control
# default.rgw.meta
# ... and maybe also these, after some buckets are created:
# default.rgw.buckets.index
# default.rgw.buckets.non-ec


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