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Le 25/01/2024 à 08:42:19+0000, Eugen Block a écrit
> Hi,
> it's really as easy as it sounds (fresh test cluster on 18.2.1 without any
> pools yet):
> ceph:~ # ceph fs volume create cephfs

Yes...I already try that with the label and works fine. 

But I prefer to use «my» pools. Because I have ssd/hdd and want also try
«erasure coding» pool for the data.

I also need to set the pg_num and pgp_num (I know I can do that after the

So I manage to do ... half what I want...

In fact 

  ceph fs volume create thing 

will create two pools 


and if those pool already existe it will use them. 

But that's only if the data are replicated no with erasure coding....(maybe
I forget something config on the pool).

Well I will currently continue my test with replicated data.

> The pools and the daemons are created automatically (you can control the
> placement of the daemons with the --placement option). Note that the
> metadata pool needs to be on fast storage, so you might need to change the
> ruleset for the metadata pool after creation in case you have HDDs in place.
> Changing pools after the creation can be done via ceph fs commands:
> ceph:~ # ceph osd pool create cephfs_data2
> pool 'cephfs_data2' created
> ceph:~ # ceph fs add_data_pool cephfs cephfs_data2
>   Pool 'cephfs_data2' (id '4') has pg autoscale mode 'on' but is not marked
> as bulk.
>   Consider setting the flag by running
>     # ceph osd pool set cephfs_data2 bulk true
> added data pool 4 to fsmap
> ceph:~ # ceph fs status
> cephfs - 0 clients
> ======
> RANK  STATE             MDS               ACTIVITY     DNS    INOS   DIRS
>  0    active  cephfs.soc9-ceph.uqcybj  Reqs:    0 /s    10     13     12
> 0
>        POOL           TYPE     USED  AVAIL
> cephfs.cephfs.meta  metadata  64.0k  13.8G
>    data       0   13.8G
>    cephfs_data2       data       0   13.8G
> You can't remove the default data pool, though (here it's
> If you want to control the pool creation you can fall
> back to the method you mentioned, create pools as you require them and then
> create a new cephfs, and deploy the mds service.

Yes, but I'm guessing the 

  ceph fs volume

are the «future» so it would be super nice to add (at least) the option to
choose the couple of pool...

> I haven't looked too deep into changing the default pool yet, so there might
> be a way to switch that as well.

Ok. I will also try but...well...newbie ;-)

Anyway thanks. 


Albert SHIH 🦫 🐸
Heure locale/Local time:
jeu. 25 janv. 2024 12:00:08 CET
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