Re: Unable to locate "bluestore_compressed_allocated" & "bluestore_compressed_original" parameters while executing "ceph daemon osd.X perf dump" command.

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Hi Eugen,

We are planning to build a cluster with an erasure-coded (EC) pool to save some disk space. For that we have experimented with compression settings on the RBD pool using the following parameters:

On pool we have set below parameters:
Compression mode: Aggressive
Compression type: lz4
Compression ratio: 0.85

Additionally, I have configured global settings in the Ceph configuration file for BlueStore compression:

Bluestore_compression_mode aggressive
bluestore_compression_algorithm lz4
bluestore_compression_required_ratio 0.85
However, when executing the ceph tell command [ceph tell osd.0 perf dump | grep -E '(compress_.*_count|bluestore_compressed_)'], we are getting only below paramets:
  "compress_success_count": 4,
   "compress_rejected_count": 0,

not getting below parameters:
"bluestore_compressed_allocated": 12288,
"bluestore_compressed_original": 24576,

Is there a specific aspect of the configuration that I might be overlooking? If so, could you please provide guidance on how to properly configure compression settings to effectively save disk space in the Ceph cluster?

Any guidance or insight would be greatly appreciated.

Mohammad Saif
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