Re: recommendation for barebones server with 8-12 direct attach NVMe?

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By HBA I suspect you mean a non-RAID HBA?

Yes, something like the HBA355

NVMe SSDs shouldn’t cost significantly more than SATA SSDs.  Hint:  certain tier-one chassis manufacturers mark both the fsck up.  You can get a better warranty and pricing by buying drives from a VAR.

              We stopped buying “Vendor FW” drives a long time ago. Although when the PowerEdge R750 originally came out they removed the ability for the DRAC to monitor the endurance of the non-vendor SSDs to penalize us, it took about 6 months or arguing to get them to put that back in.

It’s a trap!  Which is to say, that the $/GB really isn’t far away, and in fact once you step back to TCO from the unit economics of the drive in insolation, the HDDs often turn out to be *more* expensive.

              I suppose depending on what DWPD/endurance you are assuming on the SSDs but also in my very specific case we have PBs of HDDs in inventory so that costs us…no additional money. My comment on there being more economical NVMe disks available was simply that if we are all changing over to NVMe but we don’t right now need to be able to move 7GB/s per drive it would be cool to just stop buying anything with SATA in it and then just change out the drives later.  Which was kind of the vibe with SATA when SSDs were first introduced. Everyone disagrees with me on this point but it doesn’t really make sense that you have to choose between SATA or NVME on a system with a backplane.

But yes I see all of your points as far as if I was trying to build a Ceph cluster as primary storage and had a budget for this project. That would indeed change everything about my algebra.

Thanks for your time and consideration I appreciate it.

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