Re: recommendation for barebones server with 8-12 direct attach NVMe?

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On 13/1/2024 1:02 am, Drew Weaver wrote:

So we were going to replace a Ceph cluster with some hardware we had laying around using SATA HBAs but I was told that the only right way to build Ceph in 2023 is with direct attach NVMe.

Does anyone have any recommendation for a 1U barebones server (we just drop in ram disks and cpus) with 8-10 2.5" NVMe bays that are direct attached to the motherboard without a bridge or HBA for Ceph specifically?


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You need to use PCIe card with a PCIe switch, cards with 4 x m.2 NVME are cheap enough around $USD180 from Aliexpress.

There are companies with cards which have many more m.2 ports but the cost goes up greatly.

We just build a 3x1RU G9 HP cluster with 4 x 2T m.2 NVME using Dual 40G Ethernet ports and dual 10G Ethernet and a second hand Arisa 16 port 40G switch.

It works really well.


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